• (ISC)2 CISSP MindMaps 2015 (New CBK – Effective April 15, 2015)

    To support students preparing the (ISC)2 CISSP certification, I made a MindMap  for each domain of the CBK using FreeMind v1.0. These files should be used in conjunction with the ISC2 Official Student Guide and the Official (ISC)²® Guide to the CISSP® CBK®, Fourth Edition.

    Below you will find the Adobe Flash version to online visualization (requires Flash and JavaScript) and the FreeMind version (.mm) to be downloaded. Enjoy!

    Domain Flash Version FrEEMIND VERSION
    Domain 01. Security and Risk Management getFlash Domain 01
    Domain 02. Asset Security getFlash Domain 02
    Domain 03. Security Engineering getFlash Domain 03
    Domain 04. Communication and Network Security getFlash Domain 04
    Domain 05. Identity and Access Management getFlash Domain 05
    Domain 06. Security Assessment and Testing getFlash Domain 06
    Domain 07. Security Operations getFlash Domain 07
    Domain 08. Software Development Security getFlash Domain 08
     (ISC)2 CISSP MindMaps 2014 (Old CBK)
    Domain Flash Version FreeMind Version
    Domain 01: Access Control getFlash Domain 01
    Domain 02: Telecommunication and Network Security getFlash Domain 02
    Domain 03: Information Security Governance and Risk Management getFlash Domain 03
    Domain 04: Software Development Security getFlash Domain 04
    Domain 05: Cryptography getFlash Domain 05
    Domain 06: Security Architecture and Design getFlash Domain 06
    Domain 07: Operations Security getFlash Domain 07
    Domain 08: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning getFlash Domain 08
    Domain 09: Legal Regulations Investigations and Compliance getFlash Domain 09
    Domain 10: Physical (Environmental) Security getFlash Domain 10

  • Name Description Download
    Search.sh     This is a VERY SIMPLE script in bash to find patterns using REGEX (Regular Expressions). It could be useful if you need to perform a credit card numbers search, for example. Feel free to modify and customize it according with your needs.     Search.zip
    SPICE Simple PCIDSS Information and Configuration Extractor (SPICE) is a VERY SIMPLE console-based program for Microsoft Windows operating systems, designed to collect and export configuration data related with PCI DSS controls, aiming to QSA, ISA or administrators to review it offline in order to validate the application of settings described in the system hardening standard (req. 2.2). It is portable and does not need neither installation nor additional software to run (DLL, installers, compilers or interpreters). It performs basic validation rutines in specific variables with fixed values (password lenght, password expiration, password complexity and so on) Download